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Wedding Reception

Guests arrive, pre-dinner drinks are served.

The MC asks guests to be seated.

The MC asks guests to stand for the Bridal party entry.

The MC announces the Bridal party, couples enter first, followed by the Best Man and Maid Of Honour then lastly the Bride and Groom, everyone remains standing until the Bride is seated.

The MC introduces himself, congratulates the Bride and Groom, welcomes Guests, talks about events of the day and gives a general run down on the format for the evening.

The MC announces the cutting of the cake.  This can be done later in the evening or served as desert, but it's also popular to get it done early to allow the photographer / videographer to take final shots and leave.

The MC may announce someone to come forward and Bless the meal.

Dinner is served or the MC calls guests up to a buffet, table by table.

The MC liaises with the Maitre'd or head waiter to have wine glasses at tables charged.

The MC announces speeches in the following order:

Father / Mother of the Bride (toasts Bride and Groom / Grooms Parents)

Father / Mother of the Groom (toasts Bride and Groom / Brides Parents)

Best Man / Maid Of Honour (toasts the Bridesmaids)

Groom / Bride (may toast absent friends or this can be done by anyone else of your choosing)

Open microphone

Groomsmen / Bridesmaids to read telegrams.  

Desert is served.

The MC announces the Bridal Waltzes,

First Song - Bride and Groom.

Second Song - Bridal Party join in.

Third Song - Parents Join in.

Fourth Song - Guests Join in.

An hour before the end of the evening dancing is stopped, the MC asks the single men to come to the floor to play the Garter Game, the winner takes off the Bride's garter with his teeth while she is seated.

The MC asks single ladies to come to the floor, the Bouquet is thrown by the Bride or a game is played and the Bride presents the Bouquet.

Twenty minutes before the end of the night, the MC announces the Bride and Groom are leaving, a circle is formed by all guests to say goodbye with the Bride and Groom circling in opposite directions.

Guests form an archway at the door, the Bride and Groom exit through it.

The DJ plays music until he event closing time and then announces the end of the evening.

Phewww!!!   Bride and Groom get to relax!!!


Intervals where specific songs can be played:

Entry Of The Bridal Party.

Cutting The Cake.


The Bridal Waltz.

Game For The Garter.

Throwing Of The Bouquet.

Departure Of The Bride And Groom.


Games for the Garter / Bouquet:

Shoe's in a pile.

Best bottom judgement.

Bottom balloon popping.

Snatch and grab musical chairs.

Same sex dirty dancing.

Dummy spitting.